Assignment 9.2.1

A) What is a Graphic?

Graphic is a hand-drawn or computer-generated image that can be shown on a surface such as a wall, a piece of paper, computer screen. Graphics can include web buttons, favicons, icons, fonts, drawings, symbols, line art, etc.

B) What is Compression?

Compression is involves storing graphic (and other media) files in a format that allows more efficient storage of the data. Graphic files that are uncompressed use a large amount of hard drive space. In the early days of computing, data storage space was of premium, so formats were developed to compress the graphic files into a smaller scale.

There are two types of compression: lossless which stores the data of the image efficiently, without losing data and lossy, which in compressing the data, actually removes data in order to reduce file size.

C) What is a raster image?

A raster image is an image that is a mathematically
-based image created by picture elements9.2 raster image
(pixels), shaped like squares, equal in size. These
squares come in single-color values and are valued at twenty-four (24) bits of binary data. The image is assigned a total amount of pixels and when the image is reduced or upscaled, the pixels are compressed or expanded. While compression isn’t as noticeable, upscaling a raster image results in damaging the color and detail by softening or fading the color and reducing the detail.

D) What is a vector image?

A vector image is a non-mathematically based image created by areas using “paths”. The image is broken into geometric areas defined by points, lines, curves, and shapes. Vectors are not as detailed image-wise as raster images and can withstand both compression and upscaling as there are no pixel elements within the image to be disturbed.


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