Discussion 11.1.1

Best Practice Renaming Images

When a digital camera takes an image, the storage system of the camera automatically assigns a name to the image. Unfortunately, this name is a long series of numbers and letters. This makes it difficult for a photographer to remember what is the subject matter of the individual image. Locating a single image for reproduction or uploading to a website becomes a long task of searching through the images taken. If a photographer has taken several dozen to hundreds of images of an event, the task becomes daunting.

The best practice for renaming an image or series of images is to create a two letter identifier of the event and  a series of numbers that range the event. If I took a series of photographs at Charlotte Motor Speedway, I would rename my images CM01, CM02, CM03, and so on. If I have set the time and date on the camera, I would have the dates and times available in storage to help narrow the event photograph even further using the time sequence within the event.


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