Discussion 8.1.1

What are root folders?

This is the main folder, where all the files of code and content the website contains, that is set up on a local computer. In this file, is the main page or index.html, the image file, the style sheets, and additional pages linked within the index.


Assignment 8.1.1

a) What is HTML?

HTML is Hypertext Markup Language. It is the tags of webpages so browsers can display the content of the page on the screen.

b) What are the sections of a HTML document?

The sections of a HTML document are the declarations, the head, and the body.

c) What is found in the HTML head content?

The HTML head content contains the title tags with are placed on the tabs; a favicon or site icon; links to external style sheets; additional style information; metadata such as author of the content, main language of the website, character encoding; keywords for search engines. The head also contains links to other scripts outside of the index such as JavaScript; additional tags that indicate types of scripts used.

Discussion 4.1.1

restaurant ice shoppe

I would design The Ice Cream Shoppe towards the Boomers, I would use the booth-type tables, that encourages relaxing and enjoying a dessert.

Table for Milk Shoppe

MilkMade Ice Cream is a craft-styled ice cream that uses high-quality ingredients. It brings to mind craft beers so I would go towards a dark table that brings an intensity or edginess.