Assignment 14.1.2

The format most commonly used for uploading video to an online hosting site is MPEG-4-AVCHD. AVCHD works well with the flash memory card formats, Secured Digital (SD) and Compact Flash (CF) which are inexpensive types of memory. AVCHD has editing programs that do not need additional step of transcoding the formats to begin the editing process. The AVCHD standard makes it easier for video files to be recognized by editing software through the use of the .MTS (MPEG Transport Stream). The files names can be altered but the videos will remain intact. This allows consumer electronic devices such as prosumer cameras, gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, and other devices to read the coding and render the video and audio with fewer flaws that a “rookie” operator could make through mis-identifying the file formats.

The AVCHD format allows the operator to define the rates the video signal is recorded in the flash medium. The cameraperson can set image quality ranges from low to high bit rates. The higher the bit rate, the better quality of image and the lowest amount of compression. But the reduced compression means larger file sizes and creates a need for a large SD card size. Yet, large size flash cards are becoming less expensive allowing longer videos to be shot by a prosumer camera.


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